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How do you solve a problem that is bigger than you? Perhaps even larger than life? Take a Moon Shot and come up with an ambitious, innovative and unexpected idea to solve it. Find a ground-breaking solution that might seem crazy at first, and prove your point.

Innovators and entrepreneurs from around the globe have been working on Moon Shot ideas for hundreds of years. They love the challenge of the difficult or seemingly impossible and the potential to have an impact on people’s lives.

So what is the next big thing? What are the radical and exciting technological ideas for the future? And who are the people trying to tackle them? Our world today is shaped by people with new and fresh ideas. Join us at the upcoming TEDxBerlinSalon on September 3rd to meet them.



  • Dhairya Dand
    Dhairya Dand

    Dhairya Dand is an award winning inventor and artist who runs ODD Industries a futurist factory+lab in NYC. His work investigates the human body as a medium for computation, new materials as a tool to embody interactions and design as a vehicle for mindfulness. Past inventions include: bio reactive architecture, elastic computer screens, shape changing gadgets, shoes that tickle and guide, alcohol aware ice cubes, synthetic muscles, programmable hair, emotionally intelligent flowers, sensory apparatus for music learning and educational toys from eWaste, optically invisible fiber-optics among others. Recent exhibitions at the V&A, Tokyo Design Week, MIT Museum, recognized in the 2015 and 2016 Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list, WIRED Innovation Fellow, INK Fellow, FoST Fellow, ELLE’s ‘Names to know in 2015’, VOGUE’s ‘Cool People’ list, Globe’s ‘Top 25 Innovators’ list. Advisory board of the XPRIZE Foundation, member W3C standards committee. Previously a researcher at MIT Media Lab, amateur geologist in Saudi, toy designer in Singapore, sensory researcher in Tokyo, political activist in Bombay, MIT Media Lab alumnus.

    Twitter: @3dee  | Website:

  • Claire Novorol
    Claire Novorol

    Dr. Claire Novorol is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Ada Health, an AI-powered health guide that is helping millions of people around the world to better understand, manage and navigate their health. Prior to founding Ada, Claire worked as a Paediatrician in London before specialising in Clinical Genetics. She has degrees in Pathology and Medicine as well as a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. Claire is also the founder of Doctorpreneurs, a global community for doctors interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. She is a member of the Advisory Team Steering Group for the AHSN Network Community for Artificial Intelligence, an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship Centre at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and a member of the UK Digital Health Council.

    Twitter: @clairenovoro l Instagram: @adahealth | Website:

  • Mads Wilson
    Mads Wilson

    With a university background in physics and Computer Science, Mads Wilson has for the past 20 years worked in the marketing and IT industry, and first hand experienced the possibilities of the technological revolution related to computing power and embedded devices. Since 2013 Mads has been a part of the team of largely self taught rocket scientist in Copenhagen Suborbitals - the world's only amateur organization that is trying to put a human into space. For Mads this goal has been a lifelong dream and the ultimate challenge. Rockets are the most advanced machines there is, and putting a human being aboard one is a task only accomplished by governments with huge budgets. However times are changing, and off the shelf technology can today be utilized by ordinary people to reach space.

    Twitter: @CopSub | Website:

  • Rachel Sibley
    Rachel Sibley

    Rachel Sibley is a futurist, artist, and strategist who specializes in immersive technologies—primarily Augmented and Virtual Reality.  

    As AR/VR Lecturer at Singularity University, she helps Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs worldwide ramp into exponential mindsets and strategically deploy immersive technology.  Formerly a VP at Leap Motion, Rachel led go-to-market efforts to bring physical interaction to augmented and virtual reality.  Before that, she helped scale IBM Design, opening 29 global design studios in one year, catalyzing culture change, and creating a more design-centric ethos at one of the world’s oldest and largest technology companies. Rachel has been named by WIRED as a "Women to Watch" in VR and AR, co-authored a Diversity Manifesto featured in VentureBeat, and showcased her choreography at SXSW and the Cotton Bowl.  As we move into the cyborg generation and technology becomes increasingly intimate, personalized, and kinesthetic, Rachel’s background as an award-winning dancer and choreographer afford her a unique perspective on the possibilities and perils of embodying this complex new digital world.

    Through consulting, speaking, and senior leadership roles at companies both large (IBM) and scrappy (Leap Motion), Rachel helps envision, identify, and design how exponential technologies will shape our future.

    Twitter:@SibleySpeaks | Website:

  • Andreas Rickert
    Andreas Rickert

    Andreas Rickert is driven by curiosity, bridging gaps and the passion to achieve impact. Consequently, he has travelled the world and worked in different sectors and settings.

    Andreas is founder and CEO of PHINEO, a think-and-do-tank for strategic philanthropy and civil society. Prior to initiating PHINEO, Andreas served as Director at Bertelsmann Stiftung. Andreas also worked as Senior Governance Specialist at the World Bank in Washington D.C. As Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company he worked on public sector and healthcare projects in Germany, Bahrain, The Netherlands, UK and Switzerland. He studied Biology and did his Ph.D. on genetics in Germany (Düsseldorf and Bonn) and the United States (UC Davis and Stanford).

    Andreas serves on various supervisory boards of corporates and non-profit and public advisory boards, e.g. the German Sustainability Council, and expert group of the European Commission on social entrepreneurship (GECES).

    Andreas is married and has three daughters.

    LinkedIn: | Website:

  • Thomas Webb
    Thomas Webb

    Tom London is a magician and hacker who is best known for his performances on Season 12 of the popular talent show America’s Got Talent.

    He is one of WIRED magazine’s 2017 Next Generation speakers. He was one of the youngest members to be entered into The Magic Circle.

    Instagram: @webb | Website:


  • J.Lamotta

    J.Lamotta (speak: Jay Lamotta Suzume) was born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots. Her relationship with music actually started with the blues, singing tunes by Lightnin' Hopkins and R.L Burnside. Later as a teenager she fell in love with Jazz, and the sound of Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Sun Ra.

    In 2014 and just before finishing her Bachelor degree in Jazz, she decided to relocate to Berlin - instead of New York - where she was supposed to finish her studies.

    In Berlin, she discovered her passion for soul and hip-hop through the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and J Dilla. That was also when she began flipping samples, producing her own beats, and singing on them, as well as rapping, playing trumpet, percussion, synthesizer & the guitar.

    She has independently released several self-produced EPs: "Dedicated To" (2015) "Grains of Sand" (2016) "Better Now" (2016) and "State of Being" (2017).

    In September 2016 she formed her own seven-piece band, "The Dizzy Sparrow", to perform her beats live. "Conscious Tree" is her first official release. It's being released in December 2017 by Jakarta Records.

  • Thomas Webb
    Thomas Webb

    Tom London is a magician and hacker who is best known for his performances on Season 12 of the popular talent show America’s Got Talent.

    He is one of WIRED magazine’s 2017 Next Generation speakers. He was one of the youngest members to be entered into The Magic Circle.

    Instagram: @webb | Website:


9am -10am Registration
10am - 11:15am Session 1
Mads Wilson How technology has enabled anyone to put a man in space
Claire Novorol How machine intelligence will make healthcare more human again
Andreas Rickert Civil society - the power of now
Thomas Webb Performance/ Talk
11:15am - 12:15pm Coffee Break
12:15pm - 13:30pm Session 2
J. Lamotta Performance
TED Talk Danny Hillis Exploring Options for Solar Geoengineering
Rachel Sibley Playing God: How Virtual Worlds Open Up New Frontiers of Human Experience
Dhairya Dand When the Moon shoots back
13:30pm End




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