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The theme of this TEDxBerlinSalon is “Leading in a Complex World”. The 21st century brings about a number of trends that make leadership an increasingly difficult task: The digital revolution fundamentally changes markets and products but also the way we communicate. Globalization and interconnectedness add to the information overload leaders experience everyday. A new cohort of employees, the generation Y, is claiming a deeper meaning, work-life balance and space to creatively express themselves. Against this backdrop, the leadership mantra of the 80s and 90s seems horribly out of place. A new paradigm of leadership for the 21st century is needed. But what are the ingredients of a new leadership model?



  • Regina von Flemming
    Regina von Flemming

    Regina joined Axel Springer Russia as interim CEO in December 2005. From May 2006 until October 2015 she was fully employed as CEO. Furthermore, Regina is a founding member of the German Business Club (VDW, today German Russian Chamber of Commerce, AHK) since 1996 and has been a board member until 2007. She also held the position as head of investment committee and security advisory council to German investors. Regina has been a Board Member of the German Russian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) since March 2014 and a member of PJSC “MTS” Board of Directors since June 2015.

    Twitter: @von_flemming | LinkedIn: Regina von Flemming

  • Amel Karboul
    Amel Karboul

    Amel Karboul is the Founder of Change, Leadership & Partners, Secretary-General of MEF (Maghreb Economic Forum) and former Minister in the Tunisian Government. She is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, author of the book Coffi n Corner, keynote speaker and politician. She is passionate about working with leaders, teams and organizations assisting them in creating breakthroughs in their thinking and in the way they operate. During her Tunisian minister of tourism, her mission was to revamp Tourism, which represents 8% of Tunisia’s GDP and enables the livelihood of 1/5 of the population. She was cabinet minister of the Tunisian interim government with the mission of ending the transition phase, organizing transparent elections and ensuring good economic and social governance and policy. Her innovative use of social media to promote the country and youth empowerment in the digital world has earned her international awards.

    Twitter: @amelkarboul | Website:

  • Janina Kugel
    Janina Kugel

    Janina Kugel is Chief Human Resources Offi cer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG. She is globally responsible for the areas of Human Resources, Diversity, EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) and Corporate Social Responsibility. Before she served as the Chief Human Resources Offi cer of Osram and held various leadership positions in Siemens in the areas of Human Resources, Corporate Executive Development, Strategy and Innovation Management in Germany, Italy and China. Prior to joining Siemens, Janina worked several years in Management Consulting at Accenture. During this period she worked for major companies throughout Europe and the United States of America, mainly focusing on process re-engineering, restructuring and organizational design. Having worked and lived throughout the globe, she became an active member and supporter of Diversity and LGBTI initiatives in Germany as well as on an international basis. She is also a member of the Practice Advisory Council of Hertie School of Governance and Member of the University Council, University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt.

    Twitter: @janinakugel

  • Yörük Kurtaran
    Yörük Kurtaran

    Yörük Kurtaran has 18 years of professional experience of civil society working in think tanks of Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) and Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD), on youth work related issues in Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and on women’s reproductive rights in Willows Foundation. He was the General Manager of TOG between 2010 - 2014. He has published several articles on youth work and youth policy since 2006 and co-edited the book “Youth Work and Policies in Turkey” in 2009. He has also been a youth trainer since 2004 and organized a radio program titled All Different All Equal in Open Radio for 2 years that discussed issues of young people and human rights between 2007 - 2009. Currently he is a Board Member of Ali Ismail Korkmaz Foundation (since summer 2014), Anadolu Kultur (since 2012) and Mother Child Education Foundation - ACEV (since 2014). He is a founder, member of Trustees and the President of the Board of Support Foundation for Civil Society since 2015; an organization that supports philanthropic giving in Turkey.

    Twitter: @yorukkurtaran | Website:

  • Lawrence Lessig
    Lawrence Lessig

    Lawrence Lessig is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, former director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, and founder of Rootstrikers, a network of activists leading the fi ght against government corruption. He has authored numerous books, including Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Our Congress— and a Plan to Stop It, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Free Culture, and Remix. He is a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Association, and has received numerous awards, including the Free Software Foundation’s Freedom Award, Fastcase 50 Award and being named one of Scientifi c American’s Top 50 Visionaries. Lawrence holds a BA in economics and a BS in management from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in philosophy from Cambridge, and a JD from Yale. As Professor at Stanford Law School, Lessig founded the school’s Center for Internet and Society. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. On September 6, 2015, Lessig announced his intentions to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2016.

    Twitter: @lessig| Website:

  • Roni Porat
    Roni Porat

    The variety of Roni Porat’s professional talents – orchestra conductor, composer in a number of genres, interdisciplinary artist, scriptwriter, actor, double bass player, lecturer and presenter of leadership seminars, coach, radio show host and presenter – are based on his exceptional interpersonal communication abilities, which enable him to communicate naturally with a variety of audiences of all age groups and sectors. Roni perfected his unique way of communicating during ten years in which travelled all over Europe as a street performer, musician, juggler and magician, during the 1980’s. Roni is a leader in his native Israel in the arena of creativity and innovation on the concert stage. He’s a frequent guest composer and conductor for the world-renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also invited to conduct his leadership seminars and lectures entitled “Conducting Success”, for different audiences including government agencies, private companies and more. Roni’s motto for self-management and leadership is “Be the person that you would want to follow.”


  • Ratna Omidvar
    Ratna Omidvar

    Ratna is an internationally recognized expert on migration, diversity and inclusion. She came to Canada from Iran in 1981 and her own experiences of displacement, integration and citizen engagement have been the foundation of her work. Ratna is the founding Executive Director of the Global Diversity Exchange (GDX) at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. GDX is a think and do tank on diversity, migration and inclusion that connects local experience and ideas with global networks. Previously, Ratna was the President of Maytree, where she played a lead role in local, national and international efforts to promote the integration of immigrants. Ratna is Chair of Lifeline Syria, a citizen led program that is supporting residents of Toronto to privately sponsor 1,000 Syrian refugees and bring them to the region over the next two years. She is also the co-author of the newly released book Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada (2015).

    Twitter: @ratnaomi | Website:

  • Nuhu Ribadu
    Nuhu Ribadu

    Nuhu Ribadu is the much hailed founding chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the organization that changed the narrative of the fi ght against corruption and fi nancial crimes in Nigeria. He built the EFCC from a piece of paper to make it a pride of the nation and exemplary government agency in the country. He had also attracted donor supports from European Union (EU), UNODC, UNDP, World Bank, and a host of others running into millions of US dollars, and also built an effective collaborative effort with the FBI, SOCA [UK], Metropolitan Police, Dutch Police, German Police, South African Police and a host of other law enforcement agencies in the world. Prior to his appointment as the Chairman of the EFCC, Nuhu served as a leading prosecutor with the Nigerian Police. He was also a member of the highly commended Failed Banks Tribunal that sanitized the rot in the Nigerian banking sector in the late 1980s. Nuhu was a Senior Fellow at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, as well as a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development, Washington, DC.

    Twitter: @NuhuRibadu | Website:

  • Hermann Arnold
    Hermann Arnold

    Hermann Arnold has been founding CEO of Haufe-umantis and has grown the company from its beginning as a university basement start-up to become a company with a thousand customers, millions of users and a team of 100 employees. In 2013 he recommended his successor Marc Stoffel as CEO to be elected by all employees, because he didn’t see himself as being the best to lead the company in the next phase. Afterwards he worked in the team of Marc, reporting to him. And during this time, he discovered a new way of leadership careers, better preparing to lead in a complex world.

    Twitter: @HermannArnold | LinkedIn: Hermann Arnold

  • Patricia Thielemann
    Patricia Thielemann

    Patricia Thielemann is the founder of Spirit Yoga. She had taught yoga in Los Angeles for several years before moving to Berlin in 2004, where she opened her fi rst studio in one of the city’s most upscale locations. With stylish, expansive spaces in the capital’s three locations, along with the licensee company Aachen Spirit, Spirit Yoga has grown to be one of the largest yoga schools in Europe. As an innovator in the fi eld, Patricia is committed to working on her enlightened, hands-on and precisely structured yoga style. Since the new millennium, she has played a decisive role in shaping an identity for modern yoga in German-speaking countries. Spirit Yoga proves that the rich tradition of yoga can be translated into a contemporary method that empowers practitioners to master the challenges of modern everyday life. Patricia produces her own CDs and DVDs. She has gained national renown through her “Spirit Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Program.” Along with her career, the mother of two, committed Yogini, and successful entrepreneur convincingly practices what she preaches when she says: “Step into your Light!”


  • Ulrich Weinberg
    Ulrich Weinberg

    Ulrich Weinberg is the director of the “School of Design Thinking” at HPI Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. He studied fi ne arts and design at the Academies of Fine Arts in Munich and Berlin. From 1980 to 1986 he did freelance work as a TV graphics designer at public and private production houses. Since 1986 he specialized on 3D computeranimation on scientifi c, industrial and art projects for companies like ARD, BMW, Daimler Benz, Siemens, Schering, Telekom, ZDF. Ulrich founded companies like TERRATOOLS and CYPARADE. Since 1994 Ulrich is holding a lifetime professorship for computer animation at the Film & Television Academy Babelsberg (HFF). Since 2003, he is the Co-Initiator of the cross-university project “n-space – Innovation Center for Nonlinear Media”. Since 2004 Visiting Professor at CUC Communication University of China, Beijing and there since 2014 honorary director of the Design Thinking Innovation Center Beijing. Since November 2014 Ulrich is an elected board member of the DGQ German Society for Quality.

  • Waldemar Zeiler
    Waldemar Zeiler

    Waldemar is a serial entrepreneur, having started businesses together with Berlin-based incubators Rocket Internet and Team Europe. At some point, growth, scale and money weren’t motivation enough: With the tools and skills he collected over the past years, he decided to use them for a better cause. Together with his cofounder Philip Siefer, he started Entrepreneurs Pledge, a movement that’s already gathered about 80 successful entrepreneurs to build a new kind of social companies – and make them grow, scale and with a signifi cant revenue stream of which at least 50 percent must be re-invested in social or environmental cause. Fairstainability is part of their DNA. Waldemar and Philip have also built one of the fi rst fairstainable businesses coming out of the Entrepreneurs Pledge initiative; they are both founders of the fairstainable condom brand, einhorn.

    Twitter: @vladiglobe | Website:


  • Astrid North
    Astrid North

    In the 90´s and early 2000´s Astrid was part of „Cultured Pearls“ a well-known and very successful band in Germany at that time. Together they released 4 Studio Albums,one DVD, one Best of and one live album. After almost 12 years their ways parted and each of them continued on in music. For Astrid this became a very personal journey to a very personal, honest and enrapturingly edgy solo album “NORTH” with intoxicating, catchy songs. Astrid North´s voice takes the lead fi lled with emotions. Astrid´s songs, stories burst with life and a hunger for it, she creates pictures, and leaves melodies and sounds that will linger. While writing songs for her new album, she has been playing concerts in Germany with two wonderfully inspiring and skilled musicians. These new songs are soon to be recorded and then released as her second solo album named after her Grandmother „Precious Ruby“. To fi nance this production Astrid is running a crowdfunding campagne with Pledgemusic until October 26th 2015:


    ILLAY is a multifaceted musician based in Berlin. She uses foremost her cello in an extraordinary way, creating rhythms and sounds, utilizing looping, piano, strings and electronic sounds. Having grown up in Israel, she forms an unique mixture of East and West – from classical, contemporary and electronic music, to everyday sounds and voices from the nearby synagogue and mosque. Collaborating with fellow artists, she touches and shapes other forms of art. Whether it is fi lm, dance or a song: she transforms it and adds another dimension that hadn’t existed before. Writing arrangements for albums, movie soundtracks, dance performances and her own original music give an impression of her extensive repertoire.


1pm Doors open
2pm Session 1
Amel Karboul How leaders thrive in a complex world
Ulrich Weinberg The End of Brockhaus Thinking
Janina Kugel The power of being different
Lawrence Lessig  
Hermann Arnold Why stepping down means stepping up leadership
Waldemar Zeiler A pledge that might save the world
Astrid North & Illay Performance
3:30pm Coffee Break
4pm Session 2
Ratna Omidvar A leadership journey through flight and compassion
Yörük Kurtaran Why action still matters: Istanbul 2013
Patricia Thielemann Don't leave your spirit at home! How we get clarity and focus through anchored leadership
Nuhu Ribadu When you fight corruption, it fights back
Regina von Flemming Shaky grounds, nothing is fixed - Leadership in volatile environments
Roni Porat & String Quartett  
5:30pm End




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