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TEDWomen 2013 will celebrate invention in all its forms. Not just technology inventions, but also new solutions to poverty; new approaches to leadership; new expressions of art and music; and, at times, the invention of our own lives. Some of the questions we're asking:  How does geography impact innovation? How would new technologies shape our lives? Can inventions help us lead longer, better lives? How can meaningful change be imagined, fostered, and scaled?

More than 150 TEDx events around the world will take part, sharing the livestream on Thursday and presenting local speakers around the theme "Invented Here." The result: A truly global conversation -- from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul -- celebrating inventors and designers; thinkers and makers; local problem-solvers and global leaders.

TEDxBerlinWomen will also present a stream from the fourth TEDWomenconference held in San Francisco's Jazz Center on Thursday, December 5th. Along it's motto "Invented here", the conference seeks to channel the bootstrap spirit of Silicon Valley to celebrate invention in all its forms.

At our TEDxBerlinWomen event we will show the first session of the conference entitled "To Be is to Do", which will feature renowned TED and TEDx speakers such as Diana Nyad, Maya Penn, Krista Donaldson and more.



  • Ellen Schweizer
    Ellen Schweizer

    Ellen Schweizer is a self-employed designer. Due to her desire to provide the best possible living conditions for her blind daughter, she founded the initiative Anderes Sehen e.V. with her husband. Among the main accomplishments of Anderes Sehen e.V. is the introduction of the Flash Sonar method into Germany. Flash Sonar is a technique that allows blind individuals to enjoy a lot more independence through orientation by the use of the click of the tongue.


  • Kerstin Plehwe
    Kerstin Plehwe

    Passion meets purpose: Kerstin Plehwe is a unique business leader, social activist, inspiring international speaker and best-selling author of several books. As a communication expert she is a regular guest on TV and a passionate advocate of a leadership style, based on authenticity, passion and trust.


  • Natasha Mhatre
    Natasha Mhatre

    Natasha Mhatre is both a scientist and an artist. During her scientific career, which has been spent in India, Britain and now in Germany, she has studied how insects make and perceive sounds. Her art is rooted in science. She is a published photographer and her work investigates different scientific conditions. Currently she explores the interface between the complexity of science and the art of storytelling in hope to provide a new andpalpable way of explaining one through the use of the other.

    Twitter: @NatashaMhatre | Website:


  • Sandra Amarie


9:30am -10am Registration
10am - 11:30am Session 1
Andrea Thilo & Sabine Frank Welcome
Kerstin Plehwe Female leadership - reaching beyond the glass ceiling
Natasha Mhatre Why do I tell stories
Q&A Projekt Simply Beautiful
Ellen Schweizer No limits!
Sandra Amarie Performance
11:30am - 11:45am Break
11:45am - 1:15pm Session 2
Stream from the TEDWomen event "Invented Here" Session 1 - To Be is To Do
1:15pm End




Partners of TEDxBerlin are companies that believe in "ideas worth spreading" and that are innovating examples for their industry as well as for society. If you want a chance to connect to a world wide network of thinkers and do-ers, a chance to show that you care, that your company supports the biggest and boldest ideas in Germany, please contact Sam ( and partner up with us for upcoming TEDxBerlin events.

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