Breaking Ground



We’ll be delving into production conditions for good food and cooperatively discussing the value that good, fair food has for us all – especially in these culinarily Bohemian times. The symbolic value of our food is changing, but is our actual valuation of our food growing along with it? Is this new hunger for food capable of changing society? Or at least the way society eats? Presentations full of enthusiasm, grassroots romance and practical, slide-rule seriousness: in other words, TEDx’s interdisciplinary approach and a gathering of producers, cultivators, chefs, food activists, foodies and sensualists will help us discuss the concept of breaking ground on all levels, together. We look forward to enjoying an exciting Sunday with you – one full of visions, plans of action, and most especially, delicious food.



  • Luise Körner
    Luise Körner

    Together with a team of young farmers, cooks and volunteers, Luise is running a 2000 sqm fi eld in Berlin. Driven by the question how we all can meet ends with our personal share of arable land, Luise practically explores and shares the experiences within the project online. Luise also is a communications manager at ARC2020, working towards greener and fairer farming policies in the EU. She was part of the organizational team of Berlin’s big annual “Wir haben es satt!” (“We are fed up!”) demonstrations. In the framework of the “Go meet a Deputy” campaign she also arranged meetings between citizens and members of the European Parliament to discuss the future of agricultural policy. Luise was born in Berlin where she grew up and studied at Humboldt-Universität. She is part of Campaign Boostcamp Germany, a training program for the next generation of NGO campaigners. Having travelled to quite some places, she keeps coming back to Berlin due to her big love for the city.

    Twitter: @LuiseKoerner

  • Semi Hakim
    Semi Hakim

    Semi graduated from Haliç University in Istanbul in 2010 and joined the Culinary Arts Academy afterwards. After gaining experiences in Istanbul’s kitchens, Semi started his training under Spanish Gastro Sergio Arola who runs a 2-Michelin starred restaurant. Returning to Istanbul in 2012, Semi collaborated with the Institute of Creative Minds and started the Gastronomika Project, which aims to re-identify the Anatolian Cuisine in an interdisciplinary way, unifying chefs, architects, designers and historians. It became nationally and internationally acknowledged due to collaborations with BulliPedia Project and the Nordic Food Movement. In 2013, Semi became the Head of Operations in Turkey for Kitchen Guerilla, which is an international independent organization of chefs based in Hamburg, aiming to put cooking back to the center of social life. He is further engaged in culinary projects such as Cook for Book, a Turkish-Polish joined partnership, and took on the lead in Istanbul of the ESSEDRA Project in 2015, a joint e ort between Slow Food International and the European Commission to protect and raise awareness towards endangered products, producers and production cultures within Balkans and Anatolia.

    Twitter: @SemiHakim

  • Melanie Kröber
    Melanie Kröber

    Melanie dropped her career as a market researcher in 2012 to follow her passion, which is cheese. She moved to a farm in Somerset to learn cheese making from one of the most renowned cheese makers in the UK, Mary Holbrook. Inspired by her story and cheeses, Melanie decided not to make cheese, but to work for Neal’s Yard Dairy, a company that sells farmhouse cheeses from around Britain and Ireland, amongst others Mary’s cheeses. Straight after coming back from the farm and some cheese travels around the world, Melanie became a cheese monger. Thus she keeps in touch with cheese makers, such as her friend Mary Holbrook but also stays in close contact with cheese.She is now one of the Managers of one of the Neal’s Yard Dairyshopsat Borough Market in London.

  • Billy Wagner
    Billy Wagner

    Billy grew up in Bavaria close to Nuremberg where he took his fi rst steps into gastronomy as well. Quickly he discovered his passion for wine and eventually accepted a position as sommelier for Monkey’s Plaza in Düsseldorf. At that time he also began developing di erent wine concepts. From 2008 until 2014 he served as host and sommelier at “Rutz Restaurant & Wine Bar” in Berlin, together with Marco Müller. Under their joint management “Rutz Restaurant & Wine Bar” received its 17th Gault Millau Point (out of 20 possible points) in 2010. In March 2014 Billy left Rutz in preparation for his own restaurant, “Nobelhart & Schmutzig”, which opened in 2015. Billy has won several awards, including: “Best Sommelier of Berlin 2010” and “Sommelier of Year 2012”, which is awarded by the international gastronomy magazine Rolling Pin. In 2011, he launched his own wine line together with a number of European winegrowers, the “Rutz Rebellen” (Rutz Rebels). The wines are produced exclusively for and in cooperation with “Rutz Restaurant & Wine Bar”.



  • Martyn Heyne
    Martyn Heyne

    Berlin based composer Martyn Heyne has steadily grown a reputation for both his musical output and as a live musician. With Heyne’s solo material, expect a lush otherworldly sound built with ease from a single electric guitar; accompanied sometimes by drum machine and synthesizer. Progressively deepening over time, Heyne creates a hypnotic and intimate sound world out of a restricted palette. Recent collaborations have seen Heyne recording and touring extensively with 4AD’s Efterklang and other like-minded artists such as Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. Classically trained at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, the German born musician established Lichte Studio on moving to Berlin in 2009 and has since attracted an impressive roster of international bands such as Lubomyr Melnyk, The National, and Orcas to the studio.

    Facebook: Martyn Heyne


2pm Doors open
3pm Session
Luise Körner 2000m2 - your global share of land and food
Semi Hakim Höşmerim will be as cool as cheesecake
Melanie Kröber How the Monger met the Maker
Martyn Heyne Performance
Billy Wagner Der brutal lokale Koch (Talk in German)
5pm End




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