TEDxSalon 2013 "Mobilizing Society" Guido Sandler

Dr. Guido Sandler is founder and CEO of BERGFÜRST, the first equity crowd investing platform for investing in growth-stage companies, based in Berlin. From Q1 2013 the platform will allow investors to invest from 250€ in the companies they choose online in exchange for equity in the business and subsequently trade their shares freely on BERGFÜRST's exclusive electronic marketplace. Growth-stage companies can raise between €2-5million from independent investors. BERGFÜRST allows a wider base of potential investors access to growth-stage investing - an asset class that was previously only available to institutional investors, such as venture capital and private equity investment firms. BERGFÜRST is the first equity crowd investing platform to receive regulatory approval from a financial regulator, the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin). Guido Sandler has revolutionized the finance industry with innovative concepts before: as founder of Berliner Effektenbank AG (1998), an investment bank, and of E*Trade Bank AG (1999), which specialised in online discount brokerage. As founding partner of Westfälische Vermögen Management AG (W.V.M.) Guido Sandler identified companies with development potential and restructured and managed them on behalf of the shareholders until 2011.


TEDxSalon 2013 "Mobilizing Society" Mark Turrell

Mark Turrell is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2010) and Technology Pioneer (2008). He pioneered the development of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence as founder of Imaginatik plc, focused on innovation and collaborative problem solving. During this time he consulted to hundreds of companies and business units, spanning a wide range of industries including healthcare, technology, chemicals, industrial, telecommunications and government.

In 2010 he founded Orcasci, a strategy company developing the Science of Spread and applying the approach to developing growth programs and go-to-market strategies for technology and science companies. He has worked as a mentor to many start-ups across Europe and the US, helping develop strategies, and tapping into his extensive network. Mark is also a strategist helping NGOs develop plans to scale and spread their good works.

He is an Associate Professor at Hult International Business School lecturing on marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship, and a visiting lecturer at WHU in Valldemar, Germany.


TEDxSalon 2013 "Mobilizing Society" Nagual Sounds

Artur Reimer (l.), is a DJ and producer of electronic music. He has played mostly in Berlin (Cookies Club, about:blank, Kato, Crackers) and Vienna (Sass, Flex, Pratersauna). His tracks have been released by international labels. In 2012 Artur also finished his studies of Civil Engineering at TU Berlin.

Mark Moebius (r.) studied classical music at the Academies of Music in Frankfurt/Main and Munich. Since then he has composed mainly operas for several city Theatres (e.g. in Bielefeld and Heidelberg) and orchestral works (for the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra Heidelberg and the Hamburg Philharmonics).

Artur and Mark both moved to Berlin in 2004 and finally met in 2009. They started producing electronic music together, blurring the lines between classic and techno, eventually discovering that their cooperation was truly unique.

Soon they developed a vision of a new kind of music that is generated by using one’s own body as an instrument. After one year of research and development they founded the company “Nagual Sounds Interactive Music Limited” in order to develop and sell the products of their technology that transforms data into music of tonal structures.


TEDxSalon 2013 "Mobilizing Society" Joana Breidenbach

Joana Breidenbach studied Cultural Anthropology and is the author of numerous publications on the cultural consequences of globalization, migration, and tourism. Including: Dance of Cultures, published by Antje Kunstmann 1998, Rowohlt 2000, Maxikulti, Campus 2008, and Seeing Culture Everywhere, University of Washington Press 2009. Joana Breidenbach is a founder of betterplace.org and leads the betterplace lab.


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