The Program A Day Packed With Inspiration

November 23rd looks to be promising! Get ready to enjoy a day packed with riveting talks and inspirational performances. Discover the spirit of TED with some of today's brightest minds mapping out our tomorrow in fields such as technology, business, entertainment and design. 

10:00am Session 1
Ben Scott Talk: Why the Internet Changes Political Movements
Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster Talk: From Goldman Sachs to Walkabout: Forging My
  Own Way
Alexander Görlach Talk: Letters or Numbers
John Bunzl Talk: The Political Prisoner's Dilemma
Fetsum Performance
11:30am Coffee Break
12:00pm Session 2
Jon "Maddog" Hall Talk: Borderless Development via Freedom Culture
Andrea Kolb Talk: To Walk the Hidden Paths
Zan Lyons Performance
Brandalism Talk: Brandalism: The Art of Self Defense
Anwar Dafa-Alla Talk: Crossing Your Inner Borders
Thomas Petzold Talk: 36 Million Language Pairs - How to Unleash the
  True Momentum of World Knowledge
1:30pm Lunch Break
3:00pm Session 3
Sven Helbig Talk: The New Crossover: Pioneering Classical Music
Fauré Quartett Performance
Michael Poliza Talk: The Power of Wilderness - How Leaving the
  Comfort Zone Can Heal the Soul
Diana Nyad Talk: Dare to Dream
Fabian Sixtus Körner Talk: Stories of a Journeyman
Alonso Dominguez Talk: The Topography of "Cool"
Peter Fenwick Talk: The Final Border
Yahay AlAbdeli Talk: That's What Inspiration Is For
5:30pm - 6:30pm Get Together

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