TEDxBerlinSalon "Breaking Ground" UPCOMING EVENT | TEDxBerlnSalon @ Markthalle Neun

In cooperation with the Stadt Land Food festival and Markthalle Neun, we orgnized a TEDxBerlinSalon to explore good foods and sustainable agriculture. We wanted to shine light on the incredible potential of the Berlin-Brandenburg region, but also gain insights on international perspectives on the topic of food. The conference was entitled "BREAKING GROUND“.

Is our region in upheaval? How has the everyday life of the (ecological) food production changed? What are the upsides of close cooperation of compacted metropolitan cities with depopulating rural areas? What meaning does food have in todays society? We want to explore where and how we can positively influence the development and consciousness we have towards food and nature and how to preserve it.

The ticket for this TEDxBerlinSalon included a  classic Markthalle Neun Dinner, which was served  after the conference (from 6 pm onwards) and based on the best local produces.



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