TEDxBerlinSalon 2015 "Migration.Chances.Challenges." Schedule

Session 1


Kilian Kleinschmidt

We a'int no limits - Share to live

Alexander Betts (TEDTalk)

Our refugee system is failing

Shai Reshef

Refugees – Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Asem Hasna

Rebuilding our lives. Rebuilding our countries.


Pastor & Imam mit Stephan Balzer

Inge Missmahl

A human-powered empathy engine

Session 2



April Humble

Dismantling the Border Security Mantra

Mehmet Celebi

Embracing cultural diversity

David Lubell

Migration – Why We Need to Talk to Strangers

Abdoulaye Fall

Self-funded communities: the road to empowerment

Vincent Zimmer

Solving the puzzle of higher education for refugees

Anne Kjaer Riechert

Hacking the refugee crisis






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