TEDxBerlin "Let's Celebrate" - Performer Ilhem


The fact that her name literally translates to ‘inspiration’ didn’t seem like a coincidence to those who heard Ilhem sing.

While this ability was innate to her as breathing, she also had an intuitive understanding that natural talent could only carry one so far, and that the artists she idolized had spilled an ocean of sweat before they could make their craft seem so effortless. Ilhem wasn’t even a teenager when she was discovered by France’s Grande Dame of jazz, Elene Dee, who took the young singer under her wings and onto the stages of Lyon, Paris and New York.
Born in Lyon to a German/Hungarian mother and an Algerian father, her sound is international as the wide range of cities she lived in, such as Berlin, London, Istanbul, Cape Town, Ibiza, and now Paris. She has also performed at some of the most coveted venues around the wolrd, in Barcelona, Shanghai, Rome, London, Paris, establishing an international sound that presents a natural axis between soul and jazz.
With this vagabond life came an acute appreciation of the diversity of human existence; of the cultures, rituals, and endemic injustices that defined the communities she embraced as was embraced by. She also came to understand the universality of music - from the jungles of Peru to the monasteries of Myanmar, she learned how the voice and chanting is an essential element of healing and meditating in so many ancient cultures. This gave way to her endeavors as a sound yoga and meditation teacher, using her diligently trained voice to create a more transcendent experience.
This wholistic progression is evident in Ilhem’s myriad collaborations with songwriters (Ken Rose, Benny Merkelbach) musicians (Matti Klein, Askin Arsunan, Bjorn Werra, Sebastian Borkowsky, Paul Kleber) and underground electronic producers (dOp, Luciano, Masomenos, Mike Shannon). Her encounters with such diversely talented musicians informed Illhem’s craft in a way that was like a painter being given an entirely new spectrum of color to paint with.
Our dedicated songstress decided to produce her debut unencumbered by marketplace shackles, leaving this first release by Ilhem as an uncompromised portrayal of her own storied life, and of the many lives with whom hers intersected. Having spent her life breathing in a lifetime of musical inspiration, she would now close her eyes and exhale.
She will present her premiere exclusively at TEDxBerlin 10th anniversary

Ilhem: vocals, Damien Vandesande: Electronics, Yonatan Levi: Contrabass, Ariel Claudet: Visuals, Clarinett&Flute: Viktor Wolf

Website: ilhem.com | Instagram: @ladyilhem


TEDxBerlin "Let's Celebrate" - Performer Stéphane Deheselle

Stéphane Deheselle

Stéphane Deheselle is a self-taught dancer and performer who was born in Belgium. He became the world champion in experimental dance at the Juste Debout in 2014 and worked in music videos with Stromae in Tous les mêmes and The Queens in Les Victoires de la Musique. Stéphane was a brand ambassador for Puma and danced occasionally for Usain Bolt.
As a soloist,  Stéphane opened at LA CANAPÉ, directed by Benjamin Millepied in cooperation with Marie-Agnès Gillot and worked with Les Sœurs Labeque on several choreography projects.
The 23 year old continues to strive with the project Hoshi Sago as choreographer, author and interpreter.

Twitter: -| Website: facebook.com/stephane.deheselle


TEDxBerlin "Let's Celebrate" - Performer MEUTE


The Techno Marching Band MEUTE fills in a gap you never knew existed: combining hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music, freeing electronic music from the DJ desk and overhauling the image of marching bands. Just drums and brass, no computers involved, this is all they need to revolutionize techno music and bring it back to its roots at the same time. Be it on the streets or in the club, with or without electricity – MEUTE runs.

MEUTE exploded onto the scene in 2016 through the viral success of their debut video “REJ”, from Berlin electronic duo Âme. Two years after their inception in Hamburg St. Pauli, the eleven full-blooded musicians in their iconic red jackets have managed to spread their love for hand-made electronic music all over Europe as one of the continent's most booked festival bands.

A successful release of their album TUMULT, a sold out tour with more than 20 shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and a noteworthy spring season with further concerts in France, Luxemburg, Germany and the USA; this is how MEUTE is launching the festival season 2018, taking to the stages of the finest European festivals such as Hurricane/Southside (D), Solidays (F), Sziget (HU), St. Gallen (CH), Boomtown Fair (UK), BBK (ESP), Les Ardentes (BE), Strøm (DK) and many others.

Twitter: -| Website: meute.eu | Spotify


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