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Digital life has changed a lot of our habits. We have access to almost unlimited information that is shared freely, across the globe, within seconds. The mind wanders, there’s so much to see, to read, to listen to. It’s easy to get inspired but just as easy to get lost and distracted. In increasingly hectic and overwhelming times, we zoom in and out - and lose sight of a lot. It’s focus that counts. And there are a lot of stories and topics that deserve closer attention, require us to look at things through a different lens, and to dive deeper.

TEDxBerlin wants you to focus! On real knowledge, not alternative facts. On the bigger picture, and on tiny details that make all the difference. On good stories and things that truly matter.

Join us on September 3rd at TEDxBerlin for a day of focussed listening and single-tasking!


Join us at TEDxBerlin "Focus!"

  • What: TEDxBerlin "Focus!"
  • When: September 3rd, 2017 | 11am - 4.30pm
  • Where: Messe Berlin

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