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Phantom is the fruit of love of two artists, music lovers, geeks, misfits and treadmill rebels, who funnel their existence in the time-space-continuum into something of a new media spiced black magic.

It all started in 2012, in a cave underground and outside of Helsinki, in the fortress island 18th century bastion, that, some say, inhabits some deeply disturbed Russian ghosts. The ghosts have nothing to do with this story. Or the Russians. Nevertheless.

After drinking way too much coffee and playing with their musical toys together, the slightly jazz, glitch and acid influenced pair decided to join forces. They merged into creating sounds to summon the stories of the dead and the unheard into a somewhat haunting mixture of alternative pop, nu-trip hop and electronica.

To beef up the out-of-this-world experience the band built in their laboratories some pretty rad multi-dimensional elements to visualize and rapturize their electro-knob geekish performance. The UFO (Ultrasonic Frequency Oscillator) controller and Z-Vector (Kinect magic VJ software) were born.

Their biggest dream is to change the world and have superpowers. 

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/wearephantom


TEDxBerlin "xponential change" | Performance Celina Bostic

Celina Bostic
Celina Bostic

Once you see her perform live on on stage, you will instantly fall in love with her. With her perfect voice Celina Bostic sings of the imperfections of life and discovers beauty in the grey every day life.

She releases her album "Zu Fuss" ("On Foot") on her own Label Lagerfeuer-Records (Pflanz einen Baum / Roughtrade) on Oktober 2014. It's become quite normal that artists start their own label - but Celina had various other possibilities since she has been around in the music industry. Being in high demand as a well-known backgroundsinger she shared stages with artists like Udo Lindenberg, Max Herre or Herbert Grönemeyer and has been part of the Farin Urlaub Racing Team since 2002.But the Berliner decides that it's best to cut her own path without a major label backing her - but also without people telling her how her music should sound and how they want her to present herself. An editor noted after hearing her album: "I believe I know now who Celina really is". That was exactly what Celina and her producer Chriz Falk had in mind - an album coming from the heart which is 100% Celina.

A feeling of joie de vivre and optimism are the red thread of the album. Instead of denying the bitterness, Celina chooses to face it dancing, answering with subtle humour, clever puns and when nothing else will do - a middlefinger and a scoop of sarcasm. "They're all wankers next to daddy, I always knew it!" she sings boldly and with a wink, but shortly after philosophizes about the moment being her religion. "Enjoy the time you have, every day is a gift". Seemingly effortless she bridges the gap between folksongs and soul, humour and melancholy, elegance and urban-like slang. Musically Celina goes back to her childhood-roots as a scout where she learned to play the guitar and discovered her love for hand-made music. This is reflected on the album not only by her own guitar "Gigi" but also by the solely acoustic instruments such as upright bass, mandoline, a suitcase as a drum set or selfmade "mouthhorns" that she recorded in her living room.

The icing on the cake is Celina's One-Woman-Show. With her guitar and a loop station she can win every audience over - from people in an intimate setting to a crazed partymob. This is why many artists such as Johannes Oerding, Andreas Bourani, Judith Holofernes, Flo Mega or Alin Coen took her on tour as a supporting act.

Celina Bostic has managed to write songs that shine so much of inner happiness, it would be wise to keep her album close for that magic roller-coaster-ride called life.

Twitter: @CelinaBostic


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