TEDxBerlin 2010 "Fantastic Reality: How We Shape Our Future" "On Dance, Thinking and Hormones"

Dr Peter Lovatt is a Reader in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, where he heads the Dance Psychology Lab. Before embarking on an academic career Peter was a professional dancer.

Peter has a BSc in Psychology and English (University of Surrey), MSc in Neural Computation (Stirling University) and a PhD in Experimental Psychology (Essex University).

Peter carried out his post-doctoral research at Cambridge University and he founded the Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire in 2008. Peter carries out experimental psychological research in dance and dancers, exploring areas such as Dance and Thinking, Dance and Perception, Dance and Hormones and Dance and Health.

Peters is actively engaged in promoting the public understanding of science and of engaging a wide range of people with science and its application. Peter's research has been reported widely in the international press, on the radio, and on TV programmes around the world.


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