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  • A Visual Recording of TEDxBerlin "The Next Step"

    The talented Malte von Tiesenhausen from Visual Facilitators has visually recorded the TEDxBerlin "The Next Step" conference. To download this image in full size, please click here for pdf or here for jpg

  • Program

    Session 1 (12pm - 2pm) Molly DeWolf Swenson - The Future of NewsSadiq Gillani - The Next Step for AirlinesMay Roosevelt - PerformanceAzim Fakhri - Giving voice to unsaid wordsAnke Plagnol - Mothers, work and well beingThomas Ramge (in…

  • 2014

    The world is moving, whether we like it or not. As individuals we have the choice to significantly change the world’s course through our decisions and the steps that we take. TEDx stands for ideas that inspire innovation and progress. In…


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