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  • A Review of TEDxBerlin 2012 "Thinking Change"

    A "Solarkiosk" designed for off-grid areas; the "earthBeat Foundation," committed to raising awareness for a legal, safe, environmentally friendly and fair gold mining; and a "Groove" to save the world. These and more ideas made TEDxBerlin's…

  • Backstage Interviews at TEDxBerlin 2012 "Thinking Change"

    TEDxBerlin: The topic of today’s TEDxBerlin conference is "Thinking Change". What does that mean to you? Gesine Schwan: Change is a constant process of life. And there are always moments of crisis where change is especially important, as…

  • TEDxBerlin 2012 "Thinking Change": Gesine Schwan - "Good Governance"

    Gesine Schwan is a German politician. She was nominated as candidate for the office of Federal President in 2004 and in 2008. At TEDxBerlin, Schwan spoke about advancing European integration through good governance.

  • TEDxBerlin 2012 "Thinking Change": The Making-Of

    It's time to think differently - to take on responsibility and to address global issues of not only environmental but also of econonic and social dimensions. Be inspired by speakers such as Gesine Schwan and Lars Krückeberg that are leading…


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