TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Prof. Bernard Lietaer

Bernard Lietaer has been active in the domain of monetary systems for a period of 25 years in an unusual variety of functions. While at the Central Bank in Belgium he co­designed and implemented the convergence mecha­nism (ECU) to the single European currency system and served as President of Belgium’s Electronic Payment System.

He was General Manager, and Chief Currency Trader for the Gaia Hedge Funds, during which time Business Week identified him as “the world’s top currency trader” in 1990. He was Visiting Professor of International Finance at the University of Louvain. 

He is the author of 15 books, including Future of Money, which has been translated into 18 languages.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Fabian Hemmert

Fabian Hemmert is a design researcher, born and raised in Germany. During his studies towards an M.A. degree in Interface Design, he worked for Nintendo of Europe and Marvel Comics. He is currently finishing his PhD at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, with a focus on new ways of interaction with technology.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Heather Cameron

Heather Cameron is a social activist entrepreneur based in Berlin Germany. Her sport for social change project Boxgirls International has helped thousands of girls in Berlin, Nairobi and Cape Town become leaders in their communities and work towards economic independence. She studied Philosophy and Social and Political Thought in Toronto and is now a Professor of Inclusive Education at the Freie Universität Berlin.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Noa Lerner

Noa Lerner is currently working as CEO & Creative director of music­ drop Gmbh—a start­up for innovation in the music in­ dustry. She is also the creator and the designer of the x­runner sanitation social business—a lavatory for the 2.6 billion people that don’t have access to sanitation.

In her work she is constantly searching for information and knowledge that already exists, breaking it apart, manipulating the input and rebuilding it. She deals mainly with human behaviour, relation and interaction that define most of our daily actions, desires and decisions.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann is an information architect, a type designer and an author of books and articles on type and typography. He was the founder (1979) of MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design firm with offices in Berlin, London and San Francisco. In 1988 he started FontShop, a company for production and distribution of electronic fonts. Erik is a board member of ATypI and the German Design Council and Past President of the ISTD, International Society of
Typographic Designers, as well as the IIID. In 2001 he left MetaDesign and is now a partner in Edenspiekermann with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and San Francisco.

Erik is also an Honorary Professor at the University of the Arts in Bremen and in 2006 received an honorary Ph.D. from the Pasadena Art Center. He was made an Honorary Royal Designer for Industry by the RSA in Britain (2007) and Ambassador for the European Year of Creativity and Innovation by the European Union for 2009.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Christophe F. Maire

Christophe F. Maire has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience in Media­ and Mobile communica­ tions­related technology areas. He has consistently delivered product innovation and has led the build­up of disruptive businesses (through both up­ and downturns).

In 2000, Christophe founded and co­headed gate5 AG, the Berlin­based pioneer in mobile mapping & community service before selling the company to Nokia in late 2006. He led the company through multiple phases of venture financing and in turn grew gate5 to Euro 18 Mio in sales. As head of Maps and Explore, Christophe contributed in growing a very successful worldwide service business for Nokia (Ovi Maps). The former gate5 unit today employs more than 300 highly qualified developers in Berlin alone.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Till Behnke

Till Behnke felt the need to combine his degree in business informatics, his professional expertise as a project manager and the ambivalent encounter with the African continent to a more meaningful end than a career working for a transnational corporation.

In 2007 he surrounded himself with a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team to start betterplace.org—a global platform that aimed to bridge the gap between needs and new, innumerable opportunities. In 2008, Till won a fellowship from Ashoka, the biggest organization for social entrepreneurship in the world. Within the first 24 months, betterplace.org generated more than 1 million Euros from more than 20,000 users for 1500 projects projects all over the world.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Peter Eigen

Peter Eigen is a lawyer by training. He has worked in economic development for 25 years, mainly as a World Bank manager of programs in Africa and Latin America. From 1988 to 1991 he was the Director of the Regional Mission for Eastern Africa of the World Bank. In 1993 Eigen founded Transparency International (TI), a non­ governmental organization promoting global transparency and accountability. From 1993 to 2005 he was Chair of TI and is now Chair of its Advisory Council.

In 2005 Eigen led the establishment of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and is Chairman since its foundation in 2006. In 2007 he founded the Berlin Civil Society Center and chairs the board.

Eigen taught at Harvard, Johns Hopkins University and Frankfurt Universities. Since 2002, he is Honorary Professor of Political Science at the Freie Universität, Berlin.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Reto Wettach

Reto Wettach is Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. He teaches "Physical Interaction Design" and researches innovative, bodily­focused approaches to human­computer interaction. Reto is also the design director with the Interaction Design Studios (IxDS), a design research agency in Berlin.

Previously Reto has worked as an Associate Professor with the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, and as a designer/researcher with Sony in Tokyo and Ideo in San Francisco. He studied Industrial Design at UdK Berlin and Mechanical Engineering at TU Berlin.

Reto is the initiator of Fritzing—an open­source initiative to support designers and artists to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product. The vision of Fritzing is to democratize the production of electronics.


TEDxBerlin 2009 "Micro/Macro" Bernd Kolb

German social entrepreneur Bernd Kolb, former member of the board of Deutsche Telekom, responsible for innovation, left his position in 2007 to build his first “Place of Inspiration” in Marrakesh. At TEDxBerlin, he tells us about his vision of the "Club of Marrakesh".


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