A Review of TEDxBerlin 2011 "High Energy"

"If you think climate-smart, it’s easier to live climate-smart." - Nils Lindell

A range of engaged speakers pointed out the importance of renewable energy but also the relevance of a change in people’s lifestyles, behavior and styles of work – possibilities of responsibly dealing with the consumption of energy and finding new ways and following new opportunities in sustainability. Katherine Lucey, CEO of Solar Sister, explained her company’s work with local women in Uganda, which are now able to produce light for their respective households with a solar cell.

Design duo mischer’traxler from Vienna talked about their project ‘the idea of a tree’ – a solar powered production process which uses solar panels as the energy source and as a connection to the machine’s natural surrounding. The machine produces one object per day from sunrise to sunset. Each product becomes a unique recording of its day and place of production.

In another impressing talk, Nils Lindell described how he and his family were challenged to reduce their CO2-footprint from the average of seven tonnes per person in a year to one tonne per person without making revolutionary changes in their daily lifestyle. To reach 1 Tonne Life they were to commute, work and spend their spare time using climate-smart technology and making climate-smart choices. The impact of everything they did was measured by qualified scientists.

„Let’s push ourselves out of the comfort zone!“ - Verena Delius

Creating impulses for new power options to companies, entrepreneurs and employees were introduced by Verena Delius, CEO of Young Internet. Following up on her talk, Martin Cordsmeier of millionways pushed for alternative models of developing one’s full potential in one's work-life.

J Henry Fair impressed the attendees with beautiful but terrifying photos of landscapes destroyed by industrial development like coal mining areas, forest clearance or oil carpets. His photo series "Industrial Scars" is a captivating work of art that compels the viewer to engage with the subject matter and to understand his or her complicity as a first step to changing one's behavior.
To complete a wide range of aspects on energy, Thimon von Berlepsch spoke about the secrets and the wonders of magic to sensitise the audience to rethink energy. Axel Petermann talked about the dark side, illustrating a violent force of energy.

TEDxBerlin 2011 was an eclectic, lively event full of inspirations and ideas worth spreading.


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