Review 2013 TEDxBerlinWomen 2013

Four it's fourth conference TEDWomen channeled the bootstrap spirit of Silicon Valley, the location of the 2013 conference, to celebrate invention in all its forms. While technology seems to be at the forefront on global discussions surrounding invention and innovation, the conference also wrestled with solutions to poverty; approaches to peacemaking; expressions of art, and, at times, our own lives. 

TEDxBerlin has jumped at the opportunity and is offering it's first ever TEDxBerlinWomen event along with 220 other local TEDx events around the world that are celebrating innovative people in their own communities. During the closed event taking place on December 6th, a livestream will be shared alongside local speaker presentations. TEDxBerlin is excited to have taken part of this truly global conversations -- from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul -- celebrating inventors and designers, thinkers and makers, local problem-solvers and global leaders.

We are excited to announce that TEDxBerlinWomen speakers included passionate and inspirational speakers from multiple different backgrounds, a Q&A session with a group of young teenage activists from one of Berlin's schools and  a musical performance by rising singer Sandra Amarie. 


Review 2013 TEDxBerlin "City 2.0"

As of 2008, more than half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, that figure is projected to climb to 70 percent. The world’s urban centers are faced with a global challenge, but the necessary solutions will start on a local level.

TEDxBerlin "City 2.0" was a response to that challenge. How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place?

TEDxBerlin assembled more than 20 visionaries dedicated to answering such questions. From the practical to the fantastical, from groundbreaking projects that are already underway to utopian dreams—the perspectives we will explore on September 6-7 shed light on what’s in store for our cities, and how we urban citizens can become part of the discussion.

All the Talks for TEDxBerlin City 2.0 can be watched here.


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