Review TEDxBerlin Salon

In January 2015, TEDxBerlin in cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted a TEDxBerlinSalon to emphasize the importance of the upcoming developments in 2015


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2014

2014 we had our most international conference to date in September entitled "The Next Step".


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2013

2013 started with an intimate Salon conference dealing with the topic of "Mobilizing Society".


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2012

So far this year, TEDxBerlin welcomed more than 21 groundbreaking speakers to the stages of Google's Headquarters in Berlin as well as to the stage of the ICC, one of the world's largest conference centres in the world. More than 1000 guests in total listened to spellbinding talks from speakers such as Gesine Schwan, Werner Aisslinger and René Schuster, amongst many others.


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2011

In 2011 TEDxBerlin took place in the grand Station Berlin, welcoming nearly 500 guests. Titled "High Energy", the conference, featured riveting talks by speakers such as artist Nik Nowak, Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow and photographer J Henry Fair, amongst many others.


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2010

2010 marked a milestone: the 1000th worldwide TEDx event take place in Berlin titled "Fantastic Reality: How We Shape Our Future". Inspiring speakers such as celebrated coductor Simon Halsey, founder of Cola Life, Simon Berry, and Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser, the CEO of the charity GEXSI, spellbound an audience of over 400 guests.


Review TEDxBerlin Talks 2009

The first ever TEDxBerlin conference played host to over 300 guests, providing a stage to a series of outstanding speakers that disussed the multifaceted theme of Micro/Marco. Deep discussion was sparked by founder of Transparency International Peter Eigen, currency expert Prof. Bernard Lietaer and the creator of the x-runner sanitation business Noa Lerner, amongst many others.