TEDxBerlinSalon Perfomer Fetsum


Fetsum’s life bears resemblance to a fascinating story through highly divers worlds. Born in Egypt as the son of Eritrean revolutionists, his family was forced to leave the country due to political circumstances and they fled to Italy. Three years later they continued their journey and finally found a new home in Stuttgart, Germany. A cast of fortune, since Stuttgart was evolving in the 90s-era into the epicenter of German hip-hop music. Fetsum build a friendship with Max Herre in his early years, where he gained not only a friend, but also his first musical experiences and insights. Shaped by his own history and origin, he decided to study political sciences. Nevertheless, he remained true to music. In the following years Fetsum shared stages with the likes of Patrice, K’naan, Söhne Mannheims and Peter Fox. His debut album ”The Colors of Hope” released in 2012 gained national as well as international attention. 



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