TEDxBerlin 2014 Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft is Founding Executive Director and curator for Exponential Medicine, an annual program that brings together thought leaders from across technology and healthcare. He is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Kraft has chaired the Medicine Track for Singularity University since SU’s inception, and founded and is Executive Director of Exponential Medicine, a program that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare.

Following undergraduate degrees from Brown University and medical school at Stanford, Daniel was Board Certified in both Internal Medicine & Pediatrics after completing a Harvard residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital & Boston Children’s Hospital, and fellowships in hematology, oncology and bone marrow transplantation at Stanford.
 He has multiple patents on medical device, immunology and stem cell related patents through faculty positions with Stanford University School of Medicine and as clinical faculty for the pediatric bone marrow transplantation service at University of California, San Francisco.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Jason Wishnow

Jason Wishnow

Jason Wishnow is the filmmaker behind TEDTalks, the Peabody Award winning video series watched over one billion times (even in outer space). Wishnow works at the intersection of film and emerging technologies and has been called “no stranger to difficult shoots” (Wired UK, 2014), an “online-video virtuoso” (New York Times, 2009), the “enfant terrible of digital film” (The Guardian, 2000), and one of the ten most influential digital filmmakers of 1999 (RES Magazine). Prior to joining TED, Wishnow founded one of the first film websites, The New Venue, in the mid-’90s, an entire decade before YouTube. In 2000, Wishnow organized the first handheld/mobile film festival, The Aggressively Boring Film Festival, named after the technical limitations of its time. As a director, Wishnow’s short films and videos have played on television, in museums, and at over 100 film festivals worldwide including Sundance, Seattle, São Paulo, and Hong Kong. Wishnow’s most recent project is a secret sci-fi film made in China: The Sand Storm (沙尘暴).



TEDxBerlin 2014 Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi is Nigeria's foremost gay activist and an Aspen New Voices Fellow on sexual orientation & gender identity. He came out as gay on a popular Nigerian television show in 2004. This brave action risked his education and his career. His declaration of his sexuality in his deeply conservative country almost ended his life. Bisi eventually fled Nigeria to live in political asylum in the UK where he has become a trailblazing activist for LGBT/HIV rights.

As founder of Rainbow Intersection and lecturer at Free University Berlin he creates a dialogue around race, culture, and sexuality. Recently tapped as an Aspen Institute New Voice Fellow, Bisi also focuses on promoting human rights for gay Africans and the prevention of HIV/AIDS while engaging the world in a conversation about social equality, sexuality and change. In his role as a consultant to the World Bank, he points out that poverty is not just about race and gender, that it and homophobia go hand-in hand. He states that enterprise must start putting measures in place to create opportunities for all types of people, including LGBT, in deprived countries that will foster economic empowerment as well as equality. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 Anke C. Plagnol

Anke C. Plagnol

Anke C. Plagnol is a lecturer in psychology (behavioral economics) at the City University London. She is an interdisciplinary social scientist with an interest in subjective well-being, female labour force participation and life course studies. She joined the Psychology department at City University London in May 2013. Previously she worked as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Sociology. At Cambridge, she had an Early Career Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust and the Isaac Newton Trust, Cambridge. She was also a Research Fellow at Darwin College.

Plagnol’s research is interdisciplinary, drawing on theories and methods from psychology, economics and sociology. She is interested in the choices that individuals make and how these affect their subjective well-being, for instance to what extent a woman's decision to return (or not to return) to work after childbirth influences her overall satisfaction with life. Her recent research projects focused on female labour force participation, work-life conflict, financial satisfaction and aspirations.



TEDxBerlin 2014 Azim Fakhri

Azim Fahkri

Azim Fakhri is a member of a community that is trying to overcome violence and make a positive change in re-building itself. He is a citizen of Afghanistan, implementing his arts in the very soul of a country that has had 30 years of war. He is making it his mission to promote peace and love and is having some fun while doing it. His creativity is visible in his design, which reflects his take on war, peace, women and education. With knowledge as his tool he displays a passion for a country, feeling that it is his duty to make a change for. His motto is "accept what you can’t change, but change what you can’t accept." He makes a stand for all women, whether they are his sisters, his mother, his friends, the unborn or women around the world. It is his goal to create a place where it is possible to express yourself in an educated rather than a violent way. His point: Humanity. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 John-Dylan Haynes

John-Dylan Haynes

The research of John-Dylan Haynes focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying human cognitive processes. His special interests are technical and ethical foundations of mental state decoding, as well as the neuroscience of consciousness, intentions and free will. He obtained his PhD from the University of Bremen in 2003 with a thesis on the neural correlates of visual awareness. This was followed by postdoctoral research positions at the University of Plymouth, the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg and the Wellcome Center for Imaging Neuroscience at the University College London. In 2005 he started his own research group at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig. In 2006 he became Professor for Theory and Analysis of Large Scale Brain Signals at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin. Since 2009 he is Director of the the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (BCAN). His research has been covered in many media reports (including CNN, CBS, BBC, Guardian, NZZ, Spiegel and Die Zeit).



TEDxBerlin 2014 Sadiq Gillani

Sadiq Gillani

Sadiq Gillani is the Chief Strategy Officer and a Senior Vice President of Lufthansa Group. He is also a lecturer on the Airline and Travel Industry at Stanford Business School and sits on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Travel. He was formerly the Chief Commercial Officer of Webjet, a Brazilian startup low cost carrier. He previously worked as a Partner with Seabury, a boutique airline consultancy, in Sydney and New York and started his consulting career at Bain & Company in London and Johannesburg. He completed his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School and holds a B.A. and M.Phil. in Management Studies from Cambridge University. He is British and an active traveller, having visited 115 countries and lived on 6 continents. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 Molly DeWolf Swenson

Molly DeWolf Swenson

Molly is the COO of RYOT.org - the first breaking news site that links every story to an action - and is a producer of RYOT Films, working on documentary projects from Kenya to the Arctic. She is also an experienced philanthropic consultant who has designed, implemented and managed highly-leveraged philanthropic strategies for celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Shakira and Kobe Bryant. Molly previously worked at The White House for the Obama Administration, identifying candidates for political appointment. She was also a Top 50 contestant on Season 10 of American Idol. 

Molly graduated with honors from Harvard University. She serves on the Nexus Global Youth Summit and is a member of LA Women In Tech and LA Advisors In Philanthropy. She has been featured in The New Yorker, The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Mic.com, The Guardian and RYOT.org.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Thomas Ramge

Thomas Ramge

Thomas Ramge is the technology correspondent of the economical magazine brand eins and writes regularly as a contributing editor for The Economist. He worked as editor for the TV channel SWR, as political correspondent for Deutsche Welle TV and as chief editor for the consulting magazine think:act. As a fellow of the foundation stiftung neue veranwortung he lead, among others, the project „Die kreative Gesellschaft“. Ramge is also co-founder of the amateur football platform hartplatzhelden.de

2007 Ramge received the Herbert Quandt Media price, in 2008 he was shortlisted for the Kisch price. He has written 8 non-fiction books to date, among these the bestseller „Die Flicks“, which received the German economical book price. Together with Holm Friebe he wrote the cult book Marke Eigenbau. In 2011 he published the book Data Unser (in collaboration with Björn Blochin and Lars Luck). The book was nominated for an international book award and was translated into English and Chinese. 2012 he published a book on Design Thinking with Erik Spiekermann and Jürgen Erbeldinger. 

He studied history, political science and German philology between 1990 and 1995 in Gießen, Paris and Washington.

His talk at TEDxBerlin "The Next Step" will be held in German.


TEDxBerlin 2014 May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt, is a Greek composer, producer and thereminist. Born and raised in Thessaloniki, May Roosevelt took to violin lessons at the age of twelve. Nine years later her violin was replaced by the theremin, one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. She began performing with various bands in Greece and also recording her own music using theremin, synthesizers and electronic beats. In 2009 she released her debut EP 'Panda, a story about love and fear', followed by her self released album 'Haunted' in 2011. In April 2013, she released her third album, 'Music to the poetry of Ntinos Christianopoulos'. Influenced by artists like The Residents, Massive attack, Bach, Bjork and Clara Rockmore but also from Greek traditional music and Byzantine chants, May Roosevelt's electronica has been characterized as haunting, dramatic and mysterious. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 Thomas Sutton

Thomas Sutton

Thomas Sutton is Executive Creative Director at frog. For nearly 10 years he has consulted clients for frog, leading design teams to deliver inspiring, meaningful solutions to real-world problems. As frog’s healthcare design lead, he helps to apply human-centered design principles and practices to the business challenges of pharma, medical device, and provider organizations. This includes extensive work in connected care solutions, patient support and adherence platforms, drug delivery devices, and new models of chronic disease management. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 Carolin Silbernagl

Carolin Silbernagl

Carolin Silbernagl is co-founder of dotHIV and CEO of the TLD dotHIV Registry GmbH. She makes sure that as many webpages as possible wear their digital Red Ribbon. A political scientist from academic background, and after five years in the field of educational work, Carolin gave students an understanding of founding and social entrepreneurship before she decided to give it a try herself. Since 2011, she is leading the first and only charitable Top Level Domain initiative and already travelled around the globe four times in order to bring .hiv domain names to life.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Valentino Achak Deng

Valentino Achak Deng

Valentino was born in southern Sudan (now South Sudan), in the village of Marial Bai. He fled in the late 1980s during the second Sudanese civil war, when his village was destroyed by murahaleen—the same type of militia that currently terrorize the Darfur region of Sudan. Deng spent nine years in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps, where he worked for the UNHCR as a social advocate and reproductive health educator. In 2001, he resettled to Atlanta, GA. Deng has toured the United States speaking about his life in South Sudan, his experience as a refugee, and his collaboration with author Dave Eggers on What Is the What, the novelized version of Deng’s life story. As a leader in the South Sudanese diaspora, Deng advocates for the universal right to education. In 2006, Deng and Eggers established the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation to help rebuild South Sudanese communities by increasing educational access. The Foundation’s first major initiative has been the creation of a community-driven educational center in Marial Bai.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Utibe Effiong

Utibe Effiong

After working as an internist in southern Nigeria, Utibe Effiong was inspired to look at the broader determinants of health and healthcare in the developing world. Nigeria’s booming oil industry accounts for more than 90 percent of the country’s earnings, but is also increasingly harmful to public health due to a series of environmental and occupational disasters. Now specializing in environmental health and infectious disease epidemiology, Effiong says he is working toward a future “where the exploitation of the earth’s energy resources does not hinder the development of our societies.”  His interests also include preventing chronic diseases in developing countries, with a particular focus on diabetes, one of the fastest growing health challenges in Africa. Effiong recently obtained the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.


TEDxBerlin 2014 David Marx

David Marx

David is the creative head, inventor, and founder of Molekyleis Produktionsgesellschaft mbH (Molecular Ice Cream Production Company; often abbreviated to Kyl GmbH). In a very passionate and intensive fashion, he has been working on his vision of a new, healthy, and beautiful kind of ice cream – not just as an ice pop – for five years. In his Berlin food lab, The Science Kitchen, he works meticulously on new forms, textures and recipes of Kyl, and he travels the world as a marketing expert to spread the word about the "new ice cream" on all continents. David worked for international brands all over Europe. He considers avant-garde cuisine his hobby, New York his second home, and his family his greatest source of happiness. David gives the new ice cream its extraordinary face and is developing Kyl into a unique and strong brand worldwide.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Isaac Holeman

Isaac Holeman

Isaac Holeman is a designer-scholar striving for global health equity. As an ethnographer and cofounder of the social enterprise Medic Mobile, his work is about seeing through the eyes of the poor and marginalized and responding pragmatically. Medic Mobile received a Skoll award in 2014, and Isaac has been featured twice in Forbes Magazine as one of the top 30 social entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Isaac is an Echoing Green fellow, an inductee of the Better World By Design Hall of Fame, and he has written for outlets such as National Geographic, the Oregonian and the Harvard Global Health Review. He remains active at Medic Mobile, while pursuing scholarly projects as a fellow of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Health Academy and as a Gates Cambridge Scholar in management studies.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Lior Wayn

Lior Wayn

Lior Wayn is the CEO & Founder of Emerald Medical Applications and father of three children. Prior to founding Emerald, Wayn held various senior management positions within Israeli ICT firms, managing enterprise-level sales & marketing projects. Lior was born in Israel and currently lives in the region between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. When his father was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago, he decided to found Emerald to bring technology applied from military aerial photography for the benefit of research and diagnosis practices of skin cancer as well as additional medical, civilians, agriculture, homeland security purposes. 


TEDxBerlin 2014 Eva Illouz

Eva Illouz

Eva Illouz is president of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel; Rose Isaac Chair of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Member of the Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Illouz was born in Morocco in 1961. Her family settled in France when she was 10 years old. She studied sociology, communications and literature in Paris, Jerusalem and Philadelphia. Since 2006 she has taught sociology and anthropology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In her research, Illouz looks at the influence of capitalism and mass media on emotions and relationships in modern society.

Illouz is the author of seven books. Additionally, Illouz writes for Haaretz, Die Zeit and Philosophy Magazine.


Spotlight@TEDxBerlin 2014 - Winner Mai-Thi Nguyen-Kim

Mai-Thi Nguyen-Kim

We produly present the winner of "Spotlight@TEDxBerlin", a contest amongst students and recent graduates. Congratulations to Mai-Thi. She was able to convince the jury with an amazing video featuring her ideas about changing the image of science and won a spot on the TEDxBerlin stage. 

Mai-Thi Nguyen-Kim is a PhD student at 'DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials' in Aachen, Germany. She studied chemistry at the University of Mainz and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While she works on creating smart materials for biomedical use in her research, she has a particular passion for science communication. She was a finalist at the Falling Walls Lab in 2012 and she is a regular contestant at science slams, science-analogs of poetry slams, which are increasingly popular in Germany. She also organized and hosted 'Nerd Nite' in Aachen, a popular-science event with a surrounding global community, which was founded in Boston. In her most unconventional approach to science communication she made a hip hop dance video explaining her research. Since she is a member of the hip hop performance group of RWTH Aachen University, she and her dance troupe put together a video called 'Dancing Drug Delivery', which was the winner of the contest 'Forscher tanzen' in 2013.


TEDxBerlin 2014 Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up in Kommitje, South Africa, Alice knew that as soon as she finished school she would pack up her things and see the world. And that's what she did: She packed a bag at the age of 19, went off to Europe in search of adventure, and found her path playing music in the streets of Amsterdam and Berlin. After settling in the German capital in 2013, she began performing in U-Bahn stations and street corners, and started drawing increasing numbers of listeners every time she played. After less than a year in the city, she has become a fixture of Berlin's vibrant street sounds, whether on the famous bridge to Friedrichshain or at the Mauerpark on Sundays. The few shows Alice has played in a clubs have sold out, the latest being at Berlin's Lido for the release of her first EP, Momentum.


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