TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 Kerstin Plehwe

Passion meets purpose: Kerstin Plehwe is a unique business leader, social activist, inspiring international speaker and bestselling author of several books. As a communication expert she is a regular guest on TV and a passionate advocate of a leadership style, based on authenticity, passion and trust. 
Born in beautiful Munich, Bavaria, Kerstin was an early and enthusiastic entrepreneur. As of today she has successfully founded and sold several companies, holds various board positions and is a co-founder of the charitable ASTRAIA Female Leadership Foundation. Her passion for leadership, change and the pursuit of personal excellence led her towards a broad variety of fascinating leadership experiences including the powerful insights into African nature as a Ranger.


TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 Natasha Mhatre

Natasha Mhatre leads a dual life. On the one hand, she is a biologist who studies acoustic communication in insects.  During her scientific career, which has been spent in India, Britain and now Germany, she has studied how insects make and perceive sounds. She has studied the different biophysical tricks they use to make loud sounds despite being tiny and to perceive the very softest of sounds. She is now trying to trace the oldest ancestors of these incredibly acute ears.

But her other life is dominated by words and images, rather than sounds. In this life she makes art that is rooted in science. She is a published photographer and her book of wildlife photographs illustrates the diversity of life that can be discovered even in a crowded urban environment. In another ongoing graphic art project, the word beasts, she reconstructs the animals studied by science using scientific texts. But her talk here is about a series of short stories she is writing. She wants to use these stories to illuminate both the findings of science and the process of science. She will be telling us why she thinks living this double life this is both important and useful.


TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 Ellen Schweizer


Ellen Schweizer was born in 1973 and studied visual communication. She works as a self-employed designer in Berlin, where she lives with her husband and her daughter. When their daughter was born blind it was the parent's utmost desire to provide the best possible living conditions for her. Upon looking for the opportunities offered to blind children, they were left unsatisfied and decided to look beyond the borders of Germany and get involved. They founded the initiative Anderes Sehen e.V. in the fall of 2011. The initiative aims at finding solutions through the expertise and experience of others with the same concerns. 


One of the main accomplishments of the foundation is the introduction of Flash Sonar ("Klicksonar" in German) into Germany. Flash Sonar is a technique that allows blind people to trigger a phenomenon in their brain through the click of the tongue that can be compared to the image that is created by light signals in the brains of people with normal sight. Once familiar with the technique, a blind person enjoys much more independence and personal freedom. 


TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 Sandra Amarie

Canadian-born Guyanese Sandra Amarie weaves a soulful web with her rich, captivating voice. It was in her mid-teens that she plucked up the courage to audition for a 4-piece girl group later named “Shades of Soul”. Sharing the stage with Onyx and the Toronto Blue Jays, she sidelined as a backing singer for local artists, Saidah Baba Talibah and Zaki Ibrahim and alongside former band mate, Denosh Bennett (backing singer for Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams and Alicia Keys).

Amarie eventually made it to NYC where she started to build up a supportive network of creative people. Realising she could create her own lifestyle as a successful promoter, she began booking any artist from Break Dancer to Live Painter. It was after a dark period, however, that her perspectives were widened to new realities and she discovered the bohemian paradise across the pond in Berlin whilst visiting her cousin who was living there. After just 3 days she was hooked, and is now very proud to call the city her home. She has since performed at many of Berlin’s noted live music venues including the illustrious Bar Tausend, Cookies and Soho House. Within Germany she has appeared at Alten Münze (Berlin), Tempodrom (Berlin), Rudas Studios (Düsseldorf), Filmcasino (Munich). She has also cultivated a fan based amongst big business such as BMW, DDW, Tia Maria Room and Brugal. With an EP set for release in Spring 2014, Amarie continues to work on new material for a Summer 2014 release of her Debut Album and is getting ready for a European tour in the Summer of 2014.


TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 Project 'Simply Beautiful'

"Simply Beautiful" is an initiative founded by Jeanine van Seenus (with Margret Rasfeld) and a group of students from the Ev. School Berlin Zentrum. 

The intention is to raise awareness on the topic of real beauty, inner values, body image and sexuality among young teenage girls and the pressure that they feel while growing up.

Through presentations, speaking engagements and workshops Jeanine & the Teengirls invite their peers from other schools and women of all ages to participate in the conversation and  to inspire a movement through new media of empowering true self esteem in young girls throughout Europe.


TEDxBerlinWomen 2013 TEDWomen Stream "To be Is To Do"

TEDxBerlinWomen will also present a stream from the fourth TEDWomen conference held in San Francisco's Jazz Center on Thursday, December 5th. Along it's motto "Invented here", the conference seeks to channel the bootstrap spirit of Silicon Valley to celebrate invention in all its forms. At our TEDxBerlinWomen event we will show the first session of the conference entitled "To Be is to Do", which will feature renowned TED and TEDx speakers such as Diana Nyad, Maya Penn, Krista Donaldson and more. 


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