TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" TEDxBerlin City 2.0 Talks Now Online

TEDxBerlin City 2.0 was all about the city of the future. The event brought together scientists, artists and authors to tackle the big questions: How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place? How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place? 

The TEDxBerlin City 2.0 speakers warned of the danger of complete interconnectedness, battled with social developments and the need for every single person to be part of the solution and looked at technological developments to meet the needs brought by environmental changes. Light was shed on issues, discussions were revived, and perspectives were shifted. Speakers spoke of their personal experiences in contributing to innovation and change and in doing so encouraged and inspired the attentive audience to jump on board. The overarching conclusion: The City 2.0 is what we make of it! 

Check out the first batch of talks and listen for yourself!


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TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" "The City Speaks" Exhibition at TEDxBerlin

We are looking forward to hosting a very special traveling exhbition at TEDxBerlin "City 2.0" "The City Speaks" is an interactive, bilingual exhibition, co-curated by the Maslaha foundation and the British Council's Our Shared Europe project, that explores how art and creative expression have played a powerful role in the development of our cities. Since their beginning, cities have brought together some of society's most influential thinkers. What creative legacies have been left by city-dwellers like Bertolt Brecht, Carvaggio, or contemporary artists Candy Chang (TED fellow) and JR (TED Prize winner)?

Attendees of TEDxBerlin will also have the unique chance to contribute their ideas on urbanity to the exhibition -- before it travels on to its next stops in Cologne and Potsdam.

Click here for a video trailer of the exciting exhibtion.


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" EyeEm and TEDxBerlin Team Up for Photo Contest

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So get your mobile phone in hand and tell us volumes about the City 2.0 as you see it.

We’re very excited to be teaming up with Berlin’s very own mobile photography platform and app, EyeEm, for an eye-opening photo contest. Here’s your chance to dazzle the attendees of TEDxBerlin “City 2.0” on September 6-7, with the best entries becoming part of a huge, interactive exhibition at the ICC Berlin venue.

How to take part

Between now and August 30, use the EyeEm app to take photos that capture your vision of the City 2.0. Get inspired by architecture, transport, design, light, speed, technology... wherever your vision takes you! Tag your images with “City 2.0 – The Future of the City” to be entered into the EyeEm contest pool.

Win tickets!

Not only will the best images be part of an interactive exhibition at the upcoming TEDxBerlin, 10 grand prize winners will receive a pair of tickets each to attend the inspirational event in person. Get your shutter finger ready and go!

For more contest details, visit the EyeEm blog.

Download the (free!) EyeEm app for iOS here or for Android here.


Join us for "City 2.0"!

Taking place on the 6th and 7th of September at the ICC Berlin, get ready to experience more than 20 German and international speakers, which are going to talk about one of the most important issues we will and already are dealing with: the future of our cities. Although we are living in an era where the levels of global prosperity have reached new highs, our way of life is facing critical issues such as climate change and limits to growth that desperately need to be addressed. It is high time for action! How will we be able to meet the growing energy, food and housing demands? How will our mobility and healthcare systems have to be adapted? TEDxBerlin “City 2.0” will serve as an incubator for groundbreaking new ideas, where solutions for our future cities and our way of life will be presented and discussed, ranging from architectural and technological innovations to sociological aspects and education. 

Ideas are our greatest natural resource. Some of the most inspiring and innovative individuals from all over the world are tackling new challenges as they emerge and will be presenting their ideas and projects that are already, or will be, changing the future of our cities. From the design philosopher to the artistic journalist, the 6th and 7th of September, 2013 will provide a closer look at the future of urban living from and what society can and is doing to successfully enter the era of the “City 2.0”.

Our last conference "Crossing Borders" was a huge success with tickets having sold out very quickly so get yours now before they are gone! To purchase your ticket, visit the ticket shop. The price for a single day ticket is 69€ and for both days 119€. For students there are discounted tickets available for only 49€ for a single day ticket and 79€ for a two day ticket. Please send a copy of your Student ID to info@tedxberlin.de. Please note, the TEDxBerlin tickets in the two categories include an IFA Pass (IFA fair ticket) for the 6th and the 7th of September 2013. The IFA Pass is required for your entrance to the ICC Berlin/TEDxBerlin.
Prepare to enter the brain-spa that is TEDxBerlin and let us introduce you to our pioneers that we will be welcoming to the stage. Find out more about our speakers here.


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" 1000 City 2.0 Posters Throughout Berlin!

Have you seen our City 2.0 posters hanging throughout Berlin?

Our next conference is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to share what's going to be an unforgettable two-day brain spa with you on the 6th and 7th of September, featuring some of the brightest minds that our helping the cities of our planet win the battle against overpopulation and limits to growth by rethinking urban planning.

Win Tickets!

Sharing is caring and we would like to share inspiration and knowledge and are therefore giving away 2x3 tickets to our City 2.0 conference. All you have to do is take a photo of a poster you come across and send it to info@tedxberlin.de

Meet our Speakers

Have you seen our speaker lineup featuring more than 15 masterminds and entrepreneurs from the fields of architecture, design, urbanism, journalism, film and geography. Find out more about them here!


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