TEDxBerlin Community Action I am TEDxBerlin!

Do you have an "idea worth spreading" and want to share it with your community?

Here's your chance to connect with your Berlin TEDx community. We are starting a video series that will allow you to present your ideas and connect with the community. And who knows, maybe some of your ideas are stage worthy ... !?We'll let the crowd decide...

If you are interested, send us a short video presenting yourself and your idea in less than two minutes to info@tedxberlin.de, subject line: I am TEDxBerlin. The best submissions will be published on Facebook.


TEDxBerlinWomen First TEDxBerlin Women Event in Berlin

Four it's fourth conference TEDWomen is channeling the bootstrap spirit of Silicon Valley, the location of the 2013 conference, to celebrate invention in all its forms. While technology seems to be at the forefront on global discussions surrounding invention and innovation, the conference will also wrestle with solutions to poverty; approaches to peacemaking; expressions of art, and, at times, our own lives. 

TEDxBerlin has jumped at the opportunity and is offering it's first ever TEDxBerlinWomen event along with 150 other local TEDx events around the world that are celebrating innovative people in their own communities. During the closed event taking place on December 6th, a livestream will be shared alongside local speaker presentations. TEDxBerlin is excited to be a part of this truly global conversations -- from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul -- celebrating inventors and designers, thinkers and makers, local problem-solvers and global leaders.

We are excited to announce that TEDxBerlinWomen speakers will include passionate and inspirational speakers from multiple different backgrounds. Kerstin Plehwe, a phenomenal communication expert is known for her passion for business leadership based on the values of authenticity, passion and trust. Natasha Mhatre combines the best of two worlds. Her talk on the art and the science of story-telling will highlight the importance of using arts to make sense of science. Ellen Schweizer successfully juggles motherhood and self-employment and will speak about her role as the founder of the social initiative anders Sehen e.V., an organization that is devoted to improving the lives of blind individuals in our society.

The TEDxBerlinWomen event will cover the whole scope of creativity, innovation and inventiveness. A Q and A session with a group of young teenage activists from one of Berlin's schools will shine light on female body image in our society. Finally, the event will be rounded off with a musical performance by rising singer Sandra Amarie, a Guyanese-Torontian based in Berlin. 


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" TEDxBerlin City 2.0 Talks Now Online

TEDxBerlin City 2.0 was all about the city of the future. The event brought together scientists, artists and authors to tackle the big questions: How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place? How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place? 

The TEDxBerlin City 2.0 speakers warned of the danger of complete interconnectedness, battled with social developments and the need for every single person to be part of the solution and looked at technological developments to meet the needs brought by environmental changes. Light was shed on issues, discussions were revived, and perspectives were shifted. Speakers spoke of their personal experiences in contributing to innovation and change and in doing so encouraged and inspired the attentive audience to jump on board. The overarching conclusion: The City 2.0 is what we make of it! 

Check out the first batch of talks and listen for yourself!


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" Download the New TEDxBerlin App

We Have an App!

Our venue is big, our list of speakers is long, and our passion for "Ideas Worth Spreading" is vast. But thanks to our brand-new app, everything you need to know about TEDxBerlin is contained right in your smartphone and always at your fingertips. The (free!) TEDxBerlin app -- for both iPhones and Android -- gives you easy access to all the need-to-know details and of-the-moment TEDxBerlin updates, plus detailed profiles of our 20+ speakers, videos, links to the TEDxBerlin photo stream from our images partner EyeEm, and more. That's what we call handy! (pun intended)

Download the iOS version here or the Android version here.


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" Check out the photo highlights of TEDxBerlin "City 2.0"

TEDxBerlin "City 2.0," held from Sept. 6-7, 2013 at the grand ICC Berlin venue, was a resounding success. With two action-packed days of talks and performances, there was plenty of inspirational ideas to go around, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Thank you for being part of this momentous event! 

Videos of all the TEDxBerlin talks will be released on our website very soon. Until then, click here to check out our Facebook album and see the photographic highlights of "City 2.0."

(all images copyright Sebastian Gabsch, www.sega-foto.de)

upload/ted01/2013/TEDxBerlin City 2.0/Audience TEDx.jpg


TEDxBerlin 2013 "City 2.0" Graphic Recordings of TEDxBerlin "City 2.0"

Photo: Sebastian Gabsch, www.sega-foto.de

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Visual Facilitators, the most recent TEDxBerlin, "City 2.0," was once again documented with the company's unique graphic recording process.

Visualization expert Mathias Weitbrecht was on hand at both days of the conference to create his detailed, one-of-a-kind graphics that visually sum up and break down the ideas contained in the talks.

Take a look at the unique results below. Thank you, Visual Facilitators!


upload/ted01/2013/TEDxBerlin City 2.0/IIA 2.jpg

upload/ted01/2013/TEDxBerlin City 2.0/IIA 3.jpg

upload/ted01/2013/TEDxBerlin City 2.0/IIA 4.jpg