We got a lot of feedback from visitors and speakers of the 2011 TEDxBerlin conference. Here you can find a selection of comments and also some photos of the event. For more visual impressions of TEDxBerlin 2011 please visit us on flickr.


Feedback Comments on TEDxBerlin 2011 "High Energy"

"This wasn’t my first TED. I’ve been to a few before, yet I was looking forward to this one because it was about energy, High Energy, a topic that is very near and dear to most people’s hearts these days. But this time, as I sat in my seat, listening to the speakers, waiting to be impressed, I was reminded that TED is more than just ‘ideas worth spreading’ or having the opportunity to hear inspiring stories."

"It’s also about learning to think outside the box. Though the theme of the event was high energy, it could have easily been translated into possibilities unlimited, less about innovation and new forms of renewables as changing the manner in which we live our everyday lives, taking that same effort we put into our daily existence and turning it into a greener process – more effective, more exciting, more sociable, and most of all, more fulfilling. It’s all a matter of adding a little spark to one’s life, livening up that dull existence and doing those things, however subtle, that you’ve always thought about – taking that step outside your comfort zone, changing your habits just that tiny bit, discovering how little effort it takes to leave less of a carbon footprint, even going so far as forgetting the idea that alternative energy is expensive and a thing of the future when the technology is within reach and exists right now.

In the breaks, there were lots of discussions and I had the opportunity to talk with a woman who had heard of TED but had not necessarily come for the main topic. In Berlin on a sabbatical, working on a project involving nursing and medical practices in the EU, she’d come to TED looking for fresh thinking. All fired up to change the system, she wanted to knock her colleagues out of their complacency, convincing them of the need to develop new practices in hospitals and care homes, helping her to create better environments for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Listening to the TED talks, she got caught up in that feeling that one person can make a difference, that good ideas can be infectious, and one person’s actions can serve as a model for others.

It’s all about changing the way we go about our lives, looking beyond the old adage of thinking globally and acting locally. Sometimes, it’s less about making the biggest impact as taking on a different mindset, bringing about change by simply adopting a heightened sense of living – more involved, more affirming, and more worthwhile. As Thimon von Berlepsch put it in his talk about magic, by consciously breaking the pattern of our everyday lives ever so slightly, we open ourselves up to a whole new world. Our perspective is altered and what we thought we already knew looks different, broadening our minds for other possibilities, allowing us to see the consequences of habits that perhaps we should rethink. Sooner or later during such an experience a point comes when we have the chance to make a choice. Do I carry on as I have before or do I take a new path, following those ideas I’ve just been awakened to and seeing them through?

When you decide to take that new direction, it’s not so much because you have to or even because you should. It’s because you want to. And you know that just by that simple act of living your life exactly as you choose – a little greener and a little more involved – the world that we all dream of comes that much closer to reality." Robert Barrett

"An eclectic line-up of apparently unrelated topics came together beautifully (…) at TEDx Berlin, with themes curving in a topical arc through this thoughtfully curated event." The Horseshoe Nail (read the complete review)

"Thanks TEDxBerlin for a day full of great talks, ideas sharing, lots of inspiration and also fun!" K.lab Berlin

"The TEDxBerlin conference has been such a blast. to meet so many fascinating people engaged in such a variety of pursuits… my only regret is having to concentrate on what I wanted to say, which prevented me from really absorbing as much as I would like from the others." J. Henry Fair


"TEDxBerlin was an amazing two days of inspiration and encouragement! It was such a delight to meet the other innovators and dreamers who are changing the world with their passion." Solar Sister


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