Please note:
1. The TEDxBerlin ticket includes an IFA-day-ticket for Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.
You don’t need a second IFA ticket. But it is NECESSARY to print out your TEDxBerlin ticket on paper. A mobil ticket or passport ticket does NOT work at the entrance of the CityCube.
Without the printed TEDxBerlin ticket, we can not guarantee entrance to the ground of IFA. Therefore you will not gain access to TEDxBerlin.
For any questions before the event please call +49 30 726 26 75-23

2. Tickets to TEDxBerlin can not be cancelled! You can transfer paid tickets to another person and change the name on the ticket via your Eventbrite Account - or write an email to

3. Audio and image recordings will be made at our events. By participating in these events, you agree that such recordings may be made of you while in attendance and that these recordings may be used in all known media channel (TV, online, print, etc.) for an unlimited scope and time frame.


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